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Illuminating Spaces with Artful Lighting Solutions

Who we are

At Alces Umbra, we believe that light isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s an art form that can transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance experiences. As purveyors of exquisite indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, we invite you to explore our world of luminary elegance.

Illuminate Your Vision

Whether you’re curating the ambiance of a boutique shop, infusing warmth into a cozy restaurant, or showcasing masterpieces in a museum, our carefully curated collection of lighting fixtures is designed to elevate every environment. With a passion for both aesthetics and functionality, we provide the perfect light for your unique needs.

Discover Our Range

Our web shop offers a diverse array of lighting options, from striking chandeliers and pendant lights to sleek wall sconces and durable outdoor fixtures. Each product in our catalog is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring that you find the perfect lighting solution for your space.

Exeptional Quality, Impeccable Design

At Alces Umbra, quality is our hallmark. We collaborate with renowned designers and trusted manufacturers to bring you lighting pieces that not only meet the highest standards but also reflect your distinct style. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your lighting investment stands the test of time.


Your Lighting Journey Starts Here

Explore our online store, and let your imagination take flight as you discover the myriad ways light can transform your surroundings. Alces Umbra is more than a web shop; we are your partner in creating captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

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