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“Let Alces Umbra be the beacon that guides you towards the perfect lighting soloution for your business or space. Illuminate your world with Alces Umbra”

Niklas Jurander

Niklas Jurander, our esteemed CEO, carries an impressive 30-year legacy in the lighting industry, renowned for his invaluable contributions to exhibitions that have earned prestigious awards. His expertise spans theatrical lighting, captivating architectural and outdoor installations, as well as exceptional museum lighting. Niklas sets the standard in optimizing light control, reflecting our unwavering commitment to illuminating award-winning spaces.

Axel Antonsson

As Alces Umbra's CTO, Axel Antonsson skillfully leverages a decade of event lighting expertise, pioneering cutting-edge installation lighting solutions. His mastery of 3D CAD modeling, project management, and unwavering passion for innovation inspire our team to craft truly exceptional lighting experiences, illuminating spaces with a blend of precision and creativity that sets us apart in the industry.

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